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Useful hints when choosing a translator
Translators should always translate from the foreign language into their native tongue! This is most important. No amount of dictionaries, university study or living in another country as an adult can replace the native speaker's feeling for a language.
You should have personal contact with your translator: questions can arise during the translation process that require one-to-one clarification. Furthermore, everyone has their own writing style, so keeping to one translator you trust ensures your company keeps the same terminology and style over time.

When communicating face to face with Germans, there are many potential language and cultural dangers to be aware of, and it is often the little things that tip the scales. Your interpreter has to understand what is really going on, and that often takes place between the lines. Only someone with experience can make sure you are hearing everything your clients are saying, and that they are hearing exactly what you want them to understand.

Computerised translation
The EU spends € 800 million a year on translation. All attempts to reduce this cost item using computerised translation have failed. Fortunately for us translators, language is simply too complex for computers to handle, yet. In simplified terms, try explaining to a computer the difference between the "rans" in: I ran fast / I ran for president / I ran him over / I ran amok.